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Start the season wearing this Blundstone BL063 boots which is really sure to provide you utmost comfort.  The soles have thinner profile making it appropriate to be worn with wonderful suits.  The uppers are made of thick leather which measures 2.5mm, keeping your feet more comfortable.  The foot beds have a full length Cambrelle foot bed so as to wick away the moisture from your feet.  It also created with front and back pull-on tabs which are well-built.  For an even more improved fit, the heels are heat-formed.  For maximum comfort to the feet, it has a Shock Protection System which diffuses shock at each strike of the heel so that you will feel less skeletal stress on the feet, spinal column and knees as well.

Geared with contemporary appeal, the Converse by John Varvatos Bosey Boot Shearling Hi is amazingly beautiful in its black color.  The logo details are featured on three parts.  One is at the heel, another is at the tongue and the last one is at the sole.  This pair of boots are being worn with quality lace to help keep you find the perfect fit for you.  It would also keep your feet warm and away from moisture.  The soles which are made with rubber is sure to keep you from slippage.

Get up and slide your feet in this pair of Santee boots by Soft Walk.  This boots upper is made of tumbled leather or nubuck.  It has side zipper closures for easy on and off especially when you are always on a hurry.  The foot bed features a patented egg crate which helps keep our feet from usual fatigue as it gently massages the feet.

Another must have to every woman’s closet is the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania with Bow Tie boots.  This pair of boots can be considered to be one of the best foot wears you could ever have.  Yet, despite this feature, it is also a definite choice for those bad rainy days of your life.

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