Aquatalia By Marvin K. Giggle Boots

A pair of Women's Aquatalia By Marvin K. Giggle boots.

Very stylish and comfortable boots best describe Aquatalia by Marvin. Each pair captivates the beholder. The boots come in two available colors. One is Black Patent which really looks classy. The other is Melon Patent which radiates joy through its bright hue. Choose from the sizes that range from 6 to 10. The boots look perfectly fabulous, with the rounded toe, and chunky 3 ¼ heel. What makes it more impressive is the fact that it is weatherproof. It can be worn with good stability and comfort.

Aquatalia By Marvin K. Giggle Boots Info

Aquatalia By Marvin K. Giggle side view Manufacturer: Aquatalia By Marvin K.
Avg. Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (view all customer reviews)
List Price: $197.64
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Aquatalia By Marvin K. Giggle front view Aquatalia By Marvin K. Giggle back view

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