Best Occasions to Wear Black Boots

With the popularity of black boots all around the corner, I think no particular occasion is to be suggested to wear these black boots.  Aside from its many available designs and length, black boots are perfect for all occasions with just its color alone since black is a neutral color which can be paired with any color.  Even in simple and ordinary activities like strolling in the mall or going to school.

Mid-calf black boot is the most versatile of them all.  It offers a lot to any age, since you can wear them with any kind of outfit.  There will be no chance of getting wrong in buying a pair of this.  You can wear them in school, in parties, clubs, during dinner dates, striding in plaza or malls or anywhere your mood may take you.

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Another boot which you can wear with almost every outfit of your choice is the ankle boots.  One type of outfit you’re not advised to wear this with is the long dresses or skirts.  This type can also be worn all year round whatever the occasion is.

Knee-high boots however can make a fashion statement for every woman.  They can look attractive and sophisticated with these boots.  It is advised in pursuit of getting attention, that this should be worn with lower garments which hemlines are three inches from the top of the boot line.  This would show a little piece of the legs’ skin making anyone wanting to see more of it.  Nevertheless, they can also be worn with jeans, skirts and dresses.  If you’re going to wear this with revealing outfits, then this would be best worn on night outs.

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Last but not the least is the thigh high boots which are made perfect for those with perfect shape of legs since these boots are tight fitting and will reveal the legs’ shape.  To further enhance the purpose of these boots, it should be worn with outfits that would also reveal your legs.  One perfect outfit to be worn with this is the skinny jeans to really look stunning…  Just make sure that your jeans are tucked in, of course.

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