Knee High Slouch

Blowfish Factory 2 Boots

A pair of women's Blowfish Factory 2 boots.

Upgrade your fashion sense with these boots. They look really nice. You wouldn’t have to deal with aching calves if you’re not used to wearing high heeled shoes. Heels are made ½ inch high. It has easy pull-on. You’ll feel great with their comfortable cushioned footbed. It gives you good quality. Have them with you when you walk around everywhere. They are absolutely flattering to your legs, and as well as to your style.

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Type Z Dora Boots

A pair of women's Type Z Dora boots.

You can look stunningly sassy with the Type Z Dora boots. It is stylish, and chic. Pull of that 4 ½ inches heels and it will make you stand out. It has fabric shaft, and nice adjustable buckles. It wouldn’t bother you even if you’ve been walking for hours, for they stay straight up. Be fashionable, stylish, and very appealing with these boots. Having this pair is definitely worth it.

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Jessica Simpson Bally Boots

A pair of women's Jessica Simpson Bally boots.

If you happen to be someone who loves low heels, you surely should not miss the chance of having these boots. The Bally pair looks beautiful. It is created with round toe, and has full inside zipper. All made exclusively for your convenience and comfort. The buckle at the back part makes it even more beautiful. Every detail matches with your style, and with any clothing. It is definitely one of the best-quality boots.

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Type Z Laudra Wide Calf Boots

A pair of women's Type Z Laudra Wide Calf boots.

One of the cutest pair of boots ever made. That’s Type Z Laudra. The genuine leather makes it elegant. You will also love the cuffs. They look very nice and very pretty. The side zipper will help you put them on in no time. The covered wedge heel looks great, and is as high as 3 ½ inches. These boots will definitely compliment your fashion sense and your appeal.

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Type Z Foxie Boots

A pair of women's Type Z Foxie boots.

Presenting this fabulous-looking pair: Type Z Foxie. Not only does it give you great style, it also provides you with great comfort. You will love them with all your heart, and feet! It’s like you are wearing them as parts of your body. They embrace your calves, and feel like softness is touching your skin. Wear them anywhere you want. You’ll definitely stand out with its 4 ¼ inches high heels.

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Jessica Simpson Grella Boots

A pair of women's Jessica Simpson Grella boots.

Look marvelously great with the Jessica Simpson Grella. These boots are made to make you look and walk beautiful. They come with leather and fabric lining, and lightly padded insoles. They stand with 2 ½ inches heel. They are super comfortable for your feet and legs. They give you a perfect fit. You wouldn’t have to take extra effort in looking and becoming more beautiful. These boots can do the magic.

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Jessica Simpson Hosana Boots

A pair of women's Jessica Simpson Hosana boots.

Unleash that Jessica Simpson in you with these sophisticated boots. These knee-high boots look amazing, with square toe and straps that are made to look classy. You can easily slip on and off them with their side zipper, making it more convenient for you. They give you great comfort. The 4 ½ inches heels make you look even more gorgeous than you already are, much more like Jessica herself.

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Gabriella Rocha Martie Boots

A pair of women's Gabriella Rocha Martie boots.

The Gabriella Rocha Martie pair will surely be one of the best boots you will ever have in your collection. It’s perfect with anything and matches well with any clothing you wear. It’s versatile. You can either wear the cuff up or down. Feel safe and secured with its non-slip rubber bottom and its ½-inch heel. You’ll walk with style and grace when you have this pair of pretty boots.

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Paul Green Delore Boots

A pair of women's Paul Green Delore boots.

If you’re looking for boots that radiate with class, beauty, and style, then search no more. Paul Green Delore gives you just the right fashionable style and classy look. It offers easy pull-on, with leather upper and leather lining. Your feet will certainly feel the comfort because of the cushioned footbed. You will look very attractive and gorgeous wearing them on. Plus the excellent comfort it gives your feet.

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Tapeet by Vicini Z98036 Boots

A pair of women's Tapeet by Vincini Z98036 boots.

Be a head turner when you wear these boots. Everyone will certainly think that you have a good fashion sense. These boots have the distinct look and unique style. They are created knee-high for your comfort and protection against cold weather. They have adjustable leather strap which you can wear whichever way you like to get your preferred slouch. They are are created with 3 ¼ inches heels, 17 inches shaft, and 15 inches circumference.

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