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Slouch Boots vs. Pump Boots: Which is more comfortable?

Slouch boots are practically designed to give a casual look to the one who is wearing such.  These boots allows a more rested pose, whether you are walking, standing or simply sitting.  Slouch boots maybe used on simple activities, yet they can also give a sophisticated look.  On all occasions, these types of boots are widely used by both men and women since they have a variety of available designs in the market.

In this very busy world, even our feet needs to have some relaxation.  Being a woman, we are luckier than the men since we can select from a wider array of slouch boots available.  Therefore, we can still look sassy even with the simplicity of these slouch boots’ purpose.

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On the other hand, pump boots or what is so-called the court boots are boots which are high-heeled.  These boots are often conservative in their designs and they are worn for aesthetic reasons.  If we can observe, when girls wear pump boots, they walk more gracefully, they appear taller, the legs look longer and a few other considerable aesthetic reasons.  They add add to your sex appeal when you go out wearing them.

Unfortunately, pump boots may tend to be impractical if only we have another choice.  More particular to say, if it isn’t a requirement to wear these pump boots, then you have to choose one that is more comfortable to wear, which, for this matter, is the slouch boots.  This is because pump boots may cause some problems like foot pain, create deformities of foot, increase sprains and fractures, shorten the distance of what you have to walk, inability to run because of its high heels and a few others.

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In conclusion to the above statements, wearing of slouch boots is more comfortable than wearing of pump boots.  From the first minute of sliding our feet in these two different boots, we can readily identify where our feet are more rested and where our feet are more stressed.

Is Leather Black Boots Coming Back in Style?

Leather black boots will not be coming back in style? Confused? – Well, I repeat, leather black boots will not be coming back in style.  Truly, they won’t because they were never out of fashion.  These black boots made of leather are classic.  Ooooppps…. Be warned.  If you want to really use this pair for a couple of years, choose those with simple slouches, with no zippers if possible, and of course, they should be leather.  No second thoughts should be entertained if you are to buy designer boots since they are more worthy of your penny.

Needless to say, leather boots are also convenient to buy because these pairs are easier to clean.  Just have to get a damp cloth and wipe them over the boots.  You don’t have to wash them and dry them up.  A simple cleaning procedure will make it ready again for another mile of walking or another time for partying.

More importantly, these leather black boots are very versatile.  You can wear them with any outfit which you would like, although some types are not perfect to match with only a few.  Knee high and below the knee boots can be worn with short skirts, long skirts and jeans.  But never with shorts.  Ankle boots can be worn with jeans, slacks, tights and miniskirts or mini dresses.  Thigh high boots, however, are perfect to be worn on night outs.  Show the flirty side of you in these pair of boots. Wear with them your most revealing dress, your miniskirts or your sexiest blouse. Just a piece of advice:  never wear them to work.

With its black color, considered to be neutral, can be perfectly paired to any color of outfit available in your closet or in any boutique.  No need to try matching and re-matching the boots with your whole attire in front of a mirror or with your friends.

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Popular Women’s Mid Calf Black Boots

1. Women’s Harley-Davidson Serita

This versatile boots are made of full grain leather with outsoles made of TPR and cement construction, making it ready to be used daily.

2. Women’s Minnetonka 5 Layer Fringe Boot

This is crafted with very comfortable materials made of soft and supple suede.  The insoles are fully padded and for convenience, it has side zippers for easy on and off.

3. Women’s Laredo Power Pack 11″ 61R

This boot features a leather foot with 11” shaft height and a 61R Toe.  It is also crafted for great comfort with its cushioned insole and a suede outsole.

4. Women’s Dr. Martens Original 1914 DML

With its uppers made of full premium leather and the 14-eye lace up silhouette design gives an elegant finish.  Be truly more elegant with its clean design of black-sewn construction.

5. Women’s Nomad Yippy

Worry no more with slippery foot walks with this water proof boots, together with its non-slip soles.

6. Women’s Dingo Fashion 522/526

Showcasing Western features and its full detail of pigskin suede leather, this would really be one of your must haves.

7. Women’s Adi Designs 710

Be sassy with these boots created with fashionable shearling lining and microsuede fabric plus its textured sole.

8. Women’s Charlie 1 Horse by Lucchese I4566

Perfectly done for legs that want a perfect comfort.  These boots are made perfect with cushioned insole and with straps for convenience of wearing this, on and off.  Made from the finest grades of leathers, it would really give you the feeling you always wanted.

9. Women’s Bordello Whimsey 115
Slide your feet in these velvet upper boots with multiple button strap closures.  Be ultra sexy in wearing a pair of this.

10.  Women’s Laredo Deertan 11
Want a cowboy look?  Here’s to your dreams.  Glide your feet in this cowboy heeled boots featuring a round toe, a comfortable insole and a suede outsole.

Famous Celebrities and Their Sexy Black Boots

As everyone knows, especially those fashionistas, black boots are really one pair of footwear which gives women the sexy and very attractive looks.  No wonder, celebrities who are known for their stylish attitudes in dressing also frequently match their equally fashionable outfit with these boots.

Mary Kate Olsen seen on May 28, 2010, wearing a pair of black ankle boots, along with a black maxi dress, together with her twin sister, Ashley Olsen.  They are on their way through the West Village neighborhood of New York.  Mary Kate had her finishing touches of fashion in oversized gold and black rings and oversized sunglasses.

More previous than this one mentioned above, the twin sisters were also seen in New York, NY last May 19, 2010.  Mary Kate was seen going her way out of paparazzi eyes.  She wore a black outfit with a tan suede jacket over, black leggings and her favorite booties by Givenchy.

In March 28th of 2010, the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards was held where Victoria Justice was seen wearing a pair of ankle boots paired with a body fit green dress.  Her boots have lace-up and open toe designs made of black leather from Alexander Wang Freja Boots.

Another very famous celebrity seen wearing these sexy black boots is Mariah Carey.  She wore an open toed ankle boots made of black leather at the Four Seasons Hotel on November 12, 2009.  The ever beloved singer stopped with fans to sign for autographs.

Top 5 High End Boots Every Woman Must Have!

Tired of having the same old boots? Well worry no more because we have chosen the Top 5 picks for boots this fashion season. Walking down the street has never been this good!

A pair of Michael Michael boots

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Black Boots to Land Your Dream Job

In this day and age appearance means everything. Whether we like it or not, how we look and how we dress are being judged by a lot of people. This is particularly true when we apply for a job, and not only just any job but our dream job. Your entire outfit says a lot when you go in for an interview, and that includes your footwear. Nowadays, women have are liberated from the usual black shoes. They now have an option to wear stylish and chic boots. With the right boots, not only you will get a classy and fashionable look but you will also look comfortable and confident. Now those are what you need to help you land on your dream job. Listed below are my five of my most recommended boots that you can wear to achieve a more polished look for a job interview.

A pair of Vigotti boots

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Top 5 Boots: For Working Women

In the modern world, women are more liberated. They are busy with their career and are more adventurous than the traditional culture. Things are vastly changing through time and so is fashion.  We cannot deny the fact that no matter what our status are we still want to be hip and stylish. So as a professional what would be good pair of boots they can wear in order to be comfortable as well as fashionable. These are the top five boots that I would recommend.

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A Perfect Pair of Boots to Fit Your Style

Everybody knows that heels can sometimes hurt our feet if worn for a long time. However, not all shoes offer us the height and at the same time hurt our feet. Black wedge boot is an ideal boot since it provides height to legs and also spotless style. They also keep the feet from hurting since they are platforms.

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Boots To Wear on a First Date

Most people have totally no problem in making a terrific first impression on a first date. It is perhaps harmless to say, still, that many of us have adequate social nervousness to make it easier to humiliate ourselves on a first date compared to make a positive impression.

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