Fitzwell Noble Boots

A pair of women’s black Fitzwell boots

This is more than just a footwear.  This is everything you are looking for in boots.  It is not only fashionable and very sophisticated but also it is equipped with support features that can give you the utmost satisfaction.  This pair comes with a gel insole int he heels that offer shock absorption so you can say goodbye to cramps in your most hectic day.  It is made in genuine leather and man-made sole.  It comes in a full side zipper to match convenience with your busy lifestyle.  A feminine design with 2 1/2” high heels, 12.00” shaft length, 15.00” circumference and it only weighs 15.00 oz.  not comfortable enough?  Check it out to experience it.

Fitzwell Noble Info

A pair of women’s black Fitzwell boots Manufacturer: Fitzwell
Avg. Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars (view all customer reviews)
List Price: $138.79
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A pair of women’s black Fitzwell boots A pair of women’s black Fitzwell boots

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