Kamik Janis Boots

A pair of women’s black Kamik boots

Kamis Janis boots comes in a sleek design and colorful trendy prints.  This cute pair of boots has imported printed Italian linings.  It is very light perfect for mostly busy women like you.  It has waterproof clear top coat features and a removable Kamik comfort footbed which you can carry along in rainy day bliss.  Nature friendly made of recyclable materials.  It has 3/4″ high heels, 12.50″ shaft height, 14.75’’ circumference.  It weighs 25.00 oz.

Kamik Janis Info

A pair of women’s black Kamik boots Manufacturer: Kamik
Avg. Customer Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars (view all customer reviews)
List Price: $69.95
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A pair of women’s black Kamik boots A pair of women’s black Kamik boots

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