Knee High Black Boots Gallery 5

Celebrate your own fashion wearing this Frye Fiona Studded Mid boots.  These are knee high black boots with mini studs at the back and a few in the front.  Made with very smooth leather lining and soft insole giving you the utmost comfort.  With this brand, you are sure that you are not wasting money because of its durability, not to mention that it would still bring you in the world of fashion.

Step your feet in to this Ros Hommerson Crunch boots anytime of the day, or anytime of the night, whatever your mood is.  The boots are made of leather, giving you that elegant look and it has a style which brings out the feminine touch of you.  The leather materials used does not only exude elegance, but also comfort since leather are known to be breathable and are sure to be soft and ideal for sensitive skin.  It has side zippers giving you the convenience of putting on and taking off your feet in this boots.  Feel more comfort as you stride the street with this boots which only has a 1” heel.

Walk around with dramatic fashion in this pair of boots from Jessica Simpson Bally boots.  It has full zippers inside for your utmost convenience.  The toes are round shaped and have buckle detailing at the back part of the boots and what allures who sees it.  They are simply made to comfort your stressed feet and you yourself.  It has low heels which prove its purpose of giving you comfort.

You are sure to stand out with this Type Z Foxie boots with its 4 ¼ inches high heels.  The heels may bring quite a little stress on your leg muscles but I’m sure you will love yourself more than ever as you watch yourself wearing this hugging boots in the mirror.  Feel them like your own skin.  Watch them reveal the natural shape of your pretty legs, as they embrace your calves.  They are just the right boots to show who’s the real sexy.

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