Kork-Ease Avis Black Vacchetta Boots

A pair of women’s black Kork-Ease boot

Best for busy and on the go individuals. It is a country inspired footwear by Kork Ease.  Get the comfy feeling with this footwear; as if you are just wearing your sneakers, with its rounded toe feature.  Upper part is made of leather, insoles are man-made, heels and platform are manmade. You will love walking with its comfortable rubber sole with great traction. It comes with 3 ¾’’ high heels to add to its sophisticated look, 1 1/4 platform, 8.00″ shaft height, 12.75’’ circumference and weighs 20.00 oz.

Kork-Ease Avis Black Vacchetta Info

A pair of women’s black Kork-Ease boot Manufacturer: Kork Ease
Avg. Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars (view all customer reviews)
List Price: $213.00
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Kork-Ease Avis Black Vacchetta Images:

A pair of women’s black Kork-Ease boot A pair of women’s black Kork-Ease boot

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