Lassen Rahna Boots

A pair of women's Lassen Rahna boots.

A hectic day should not mean inconvenience.  For busy people who are always on the go comfort and quality should be the first consideration in getting a footwear.  Larsen Rahna is specially made to give you these and more.  Using durable rubber outsoles, genuine leather for its upper and shaft and a side zipper closure for a faster zipping, weekdays can no longer be tiring again.  Measurement: 1″ high heels, 9.50″ shaft height, 14.50″ circumference and weighs only 9.00 oz.

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Lassen Rahna side view Manufacturer: Lassen
Avg. Customer Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars (view all customer reviews)
List Price: $77.40
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Lassen Rahna buttom Lassen Rahna back view

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