Mid Calf Black Boots Gallery 8

Create a simple look yet catch their eyes wearing these pair of Lassen Ratana Black Nappa Boots.  These boots are made with very simple details.  It only has slouch details and suede cuff which are simple, yet eye-catching.  The uppers are made of man made leather together with the shafts.  The bottoms are made of rubber to keep you from slipping especially on very smooth and glossy surfaces.  It also has full sided zippers for easy wearing.

Bring some edge to the way you’re walking.  You’ve got to be wearing this Madden Girl Syngerr boot which is a real must have for every woman who loves going out and is fond of walking.  These boots feature a spacious jagged collar which is made perfect to be worn with skinny jeans and very sexy blouses.  The uppers and insole are beautifully man-made.  It also has the unique style of stitching and ranched details.  The insoles are cushioned to match fashion with comfort.

Worry no more for those with wider calves because here’s the Bouquets Baker boots to bring you satisfaction.  These boots have uppers made of faux leather and micro fiber.  For a more stylish look, it is created with a split seam toe design.  The closures are made with an eye- catching three quarter zipper and the bottoms are durable man-made.  It also has slouching feature to add excitement.

Perk up your day by wearing this pair of UGG Highkoo Boots which will really keep you in the latest fashion and warm your feet as well.  This is a slouch designed boot which is made of buttery soft suede.  It has buttoned straps to aid you in pulling it on and off and add chic to your foot wear.  The linings are made with smooth leather with sheepskin sock liner.  The outsoles are made of unique transparent rubber for utmost durability.

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