Slouch Boots vs. Pump Boots: Which is more comfortable?

Slouch boots are practically designed to give a casual look to the one who is wearing such.  These boots allows a more rested pose, whether you are walking, standing or simply sitting.  Slouch boots maybe used on simple activities, yet they can also give a sophisticated look.  On all occasions, these types of boots are widely used by both men and women since they have a variety of available designs in the market.

In this very busy world, even our feet needs to have some relaxation.  Being a woman, we are luckier than the men since we can select from a wider array of slouch boots available.  Therefore, we can still look sassy even with the simplicity of these slouch boots’ purpose.

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On the other hand, pump boots or what is so-called the court boots are boots which are high-heeled.  These boots are often conservative in their designs and they are worn for aesthetic reasons.  If we can observe, when girls wear pump boots, they walk more gracefully, they appear taller, the legs look longer and a few other considerable aesthetic reasons.  They add add to your sex appeal when you go out wearing them.

Unfortunately, pump boots may tend to be impractical if only we have another choice.  More particular to say, if it isn’t a requirement to wear these pump boots, then you have to choose one that is more comfortable to wear, which, for this matter, is the slouch boots.  This is because pump boots may cause some problems like foot pain, create deformities of foot, increase sprains and fractures, shorten the distance of what you have to walk, inability to run because of its high heels and a few others.

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In conclusion to the above statements, wearing of slouch boots is more comfortable than wearing of pump boots.  From the first minute of sliding our feet in these two different boots, we can readily identify where our feet are more rested and where our feet are more stressed.

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