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Eric Michael Liat Boots

A pair of women's Eric Michael Liat boots.

Live with fashion and brilliant style with these boots, Eric Michael Liat. They are made of good quality leather, good-looking lines and buckles. It’s easy to put them on and take them off with their side zippers. The boots keep you walking with convenience as they are created with padded footbed. The soft leather gives a lot of comfort too.  Choose from colors of perfect blue or perfect black.

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Eric Michael Felicity Boots

A pair of women's Eric Michael Felicity boots.

Flexibility, versatility, and good comfort are three of the best qualities that boots can ever have. Get all of them with this pair of Eric Micahel Felicity boots. It looks great with the slouched ankle and the pointed toe. The lining made of leather will keep your feet clean and dry. Walk with them everywhere and be extra chic and stylish. Rest assured that this pair is definitely made with the best quality.

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Eric Michael’s Soho Boots

A pair of women's Eric Michaels Soho boots.

Eric Michaels Soho is definitely a great find. It comes in five different colors. These boots make you look and feel good, with an extra chic impression. It has 4 metallic buttons, detailed with its unique texture. It provides easy access to your gorgeous feet with its easy side zipper entry. It is certainly lightweight, with 1-inch heel. This pair looks and works great with any outfit. They can walk you anywhere with comfort and style.

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