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Boots To Wear on a First Date

Most people have totally no problem in making a terrific first impression on a first date. It is perhaps harmless to say, still, that many of us have adequate social nervousness to make it easier to humiliate ourselves on a first date compared to make a positive impression.

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Kork-Ease Avis Black Vacchetta Boots

A pair of women’s black Kork-Ease boot

Best for busy and on the go individuals. It is a country inspired footwear by Kork Ease.  Get the comfy feeling with this footwear; as if you are just wearing your sneakers, with its rounded toe feature.  Upper part is made of leather, insoles are man-made, heels and platform are manmade. You will love walking with its comfortable rubber sole with great traction. It comes with 3 ¾’’ high heels to add to its sophisticated look, 1 1/4 platform, 8.00″ shaft height, 12.75’’ circumference and weighs 20.00 oz.

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Kork-Ease Alva Black Vacchetta Boots

A pair of women’s Kork-Ease Alva Black Vacchetta boots.Move up to the ladder and come out notice with this perfect wear,  ideal for women who are looking for comfort and style. This boot would definitely make your day complete, with its sleek fit for convenience.   Its platforms are suede covered and linings are made of leather.  Rounded toe feature for added fit. Measurement:  4″ high heels, 3/4″ platform, 14.00″ shaft height, 14.00’’ circumference…A very conventional way to be attractive this season.

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