Tall Black Boots for Tall Women

When we say tall boots, tall boots must refer to those that are about knee-high, be it flat or heeled.  Pairs of boots like this may be available in both casual and chic designs and can be worn for most occasions.  Yet, tall black boots will be perfectly worn by tall women, nonetheless.  I believe tall boots are really created for tall women.  Short women should wear short boots.

I remember one time I strolled in a mall together with my classmate in college, we saw a woman wearing a knee high boot.  Honestly, it doesn’t look good pretty much on her especially that her body figure is the skinny type.  The boots just overwhelmed her and it looked so awkward on her.  Tall black boots are designed to reveal the beautiful contour of a woman’s legs.  Its purpose will not be met if the one who is wearing them doesn’t have perfectly shaped legs and if they are short.

I think shorter women should wear boots that are mid-calf or ankle boots, so to speak.  Unless, they can find a boot that would fit their sexy legs perfectly.  Maybe they can look for pairs in teens’ section or children’s section to find the perfect size for their own legs.

In addition to this, take note that tall boots should not be worn with baggy or pleated jeans and pants.  These outfits, when tucked in will create a ballooning effect, giving an embarrassing look to the one who’s wearing this.

On the contrary, tall boots should be worn with skinny jeans which are tucked in, long skirts and dresses, miniskirts, and mini dresses.  Try checking out on the internet, newspaper, radio, televisions and fashion magazines every once in a while to get updated on the latest trends and rules in fashion.

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